So David escaped from Saul
and went to King Achish of Gath.

But the officers of Achish
were unhappy about his being there.

“Isn’t this David, the king of the land?” they asked.
“Isn’t he the one the people honor with dances, singing,
‘Saul has killed his thousands,
and David his ten thousands’?”
David heard these comments and was very afraid
of what King Achish of Gath
might do to him.
So he pretended to be insane,

scratching on doors and drooling down his beard.
Finally, King Achish said to his men,
“Must you bring me a madman?

We already have enough of them around here!
Why should I let someone like this be my guest?”
1 Samuel 21:10-15

I once heard a Bible teacher expound on this passage and it was quite interesting and freeing to me. It has been a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it. The scripture itself is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give you a little background on the passage. David was running for his life from Saul who was determined to kill him. He had escaped from Saul’s grasp many a time in the past, but this time he was hot on his heels. Where can he go now to avoid capture and certain death? What one place would Saul never think to look for him? Of course…the City of Gath, the home of Goliath whom David had killed years ago…the citidel of his enemy. David thought he would be welcomed there because he had had relations with the Philistines since that time. But when he got to the city, carrying the sword of Goliath, the officers of the city recognized him and were very skeptical of his presence.

When David heard the comments they made in the presence of the king, he became frightened that his life would be in danger here also. So he devised an impromptu plan to act as though he was insane. Now who would be threatened by a man who was acting a fool? So David started acting the part with precision, scratching on the door and drooling down his beard. What a pitiful picture! The warrior who had killed the giant Goliath and slain tens of thousands on the battle field was humiliating himself by pretending to be insane…a fool if you will. But it turned out that this ploy did become his deliverance. The king said, “Don’t I have enough fools in my court without you bringing one more into my presence. Get him out of here! So David left unharmed, but surely feeling shame for the path he had taken. The point that was brought out in this scenario is, “God even delivers fools!”

Have you ever heard anyone say, “She or He acted a fool!” I certainly have. As a matter of fact, remembering this passage has given me comfort more than once in my own life. I am a born again Christian. I love the Lord. I have a desire to serve Him with my whole heart. But there are times that I have acted very foolishly. It’s not like I didn’t know better. I did. My flesh just wanted to do it and I gave in! Afterward, I was sorry. I was grieved at my own lack of self-control. I was disappointed in myself. Never mind that I felt that I had let the Lord down and grieved the Holy Spirit.

But thank God for His mercy and His grace. It is never-ending. It is new every morning. No matter how far we sink into the quagmire of Satan’s temptation, He will reach down and lift us out if we ask in sincere repentance. Our God even delivers Fools!

If you have acted foolishly in any area of your life and you are ridden with guilt and shame. Know this…there is nothing that the blood of Jesus cannot cover! Repent, shake off the guilt and condemnation and get back under the umbrella of His mercy and grace. Bask in the sunshine of His love and let it the water of His infallible Word wash you as clean as the mountain streams that He created!



As I stated in my Bio, I am a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Over the years, the Lord has blessed me greatly by giving me “songs in the night” to comfort my soul and those of others. In the next devotionals, I’m going to add my songs to enhance our devotional experience.  The Lord has always given me a verse on which to meditate and then a song from that verse. Other than the Word of God, there is nothing like music to soothe the soul…and what better way than the two of them together.

My times are in your hands;
deliver me from the hands of my enemies,
from those who pursue me.
Psalm 31:15

Do you ever feel that as the years have flown by, so have the dreams in your heart taken flight and disappeared into oblivion? You don’t have to be old to feel this way, although the older you get the more the thoughts haunt you. I know, not only have I been there…I’m still there! What I mean is, on occasion, I still deal with such thoughts. I have, however, learned to temper them with the promises in God’s Word…the most relevant of those being, “my times are in His Hands.”

My Father God knew all the mistakes I would make before I made them. He knew I would not be perfect or even near perfect and yet He loves me! You notice I said, “He loves me, not He loved me.” His love is unconditional. His love is irrevocable. His love is merciful. His love is capable of restoring hopes and dreams that you thought were long gone. When people in your life, even your own family have given up on you and deemed you unsuccessful, His plans for you are still intact! Even when you have given up on yourself, He will not loosen His hold on you! “For He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!] (Hebrews 13:5b AMP)

As long as you have breath in your body, it’s not too late! “For God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call.] (Romans 11:29 AMP) God never says, “Uh oh, they’ve done it now! They’ve made one mistake too many. I’m writing them off.”  No, God knows the plans He has for you. He wants you to get on your feet, dust yourself off, and get back on track toward the goals He has put in your heart.

You’ve heard the saying, “Who knows what the future holds?” That is a true statement. We don’t know what the future holds. But if we are a Christian, we know Who holds the future! And the plans He has for us are good! “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11 LB)

Look at your future through God’s eyes. It’s growing brighter and brighter each day! He hasn’t given up on you. Now don’t give up on yourself!